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Can The Rapid Mailer Plugin REALLY Assist You ‘Take Control’ of Your Email Advertising and marketing & Substantial Listing While Saving Compensation?

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Is the Rapid Mailer Plugin Truly a Quick Money-Making Tool?

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What is The Rapid Mailer About Anyhow?

The Rapid Mailer is an autoresponder administration plugin jammed-packed with cost-saving, and marketing features.

This actually is a highly effective WordPress plugin that “Knocks-the-Socks” Off of conventional Autoresponders … Allow’s start by looking at several of the important features and benefits of the plugin:.

Features Of The Rapid Mailer Plugin:.

- Complete flexibility: You have the opportunity to conveniently switch in between e-mail companies or use your own host; it’s all approximately you.

- Instantaneous Line: With simply a couple of clicks, you could immediately queue up your article for syndication.

- Settlement Processor Integration: Seamlessly built-in PayPal or 2Checkout to auto-charge your paid customers.

- Subscription Site Management: Rapidly import all existing site individuals into specific email listings with just 1-Click.

- Marketing: Effortlessly upload and import differently motifs to produce a highly effective brand that customers keep in mind.

- Easy Importing: Promptly import existing subscribers from other Autoresponder.

- Analytics: Improved “At-a-Glance” data to assist track efficiency of multiple email campaigns & track clicks to recognize who clicked exactly what.

- Social network: Total social media sites combination to assist your e-mails go viral.

- Listing Administration: Effortlessly segment emails into numerous teams for quick administration.

- Versatility: Use any e-mail supplier (Host, Gmail, or Third Party services like Amazon SES, MailJet, etc), so you’re never stuck to the “default” site.

- Optin Configuration: Whether you want a double optin, or single optin no problem, conveniently personalize as you go.

- Press Pages: Seamless integration into OptimizePress2, Leadpages, ListRocket or any other system – A good time saver.

- Instant Cost Savings: No paying the higher month-to-month costs and have the freedom to use your own email host as well.

- Autoresponder Administration: Full back-end autoresponder and broadcast management.

- Cloud Administration: Since it’s a WordPress plugin, you can manage your list anywhere anytime on any type of device (phone, tablet, or desktop).

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Does Rapid Mailer Make Affiliate Marketing Easier?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. However, a lot of affiliates struggle to make money, while those starting out spend a lot of time trying to understand how internet marketing works. So, what if there was an application that makes everything easier? That is what Rapid Mailer promises to offer to those that choose to use this program. Generally, this automated software makes certain tasks more efficient to handle. However, the concept of automation is nothing new in the world of online marketing. We have seen many applications that claim to make users millionaires with just one click. Anyone that has been into online marketing will tell you that there is no such thing as a magic app that does everything for you. So this begs the question, is Rapid Mailer just one of those fake applications that promise the world but fail to deliver? It is good to note that this app benefits users on many levels. While it makes certain tasks easier to manage, keep in mind that it is not a get rich quick scam. With that in mind, let us have look at the areas in which Rapid Mailer helps users to be more productive or work with greater efficiency
Product Market Research
Before setting up an affiliate website, one should do a little bit of research on which products to market. We all know that affiliates earn commissions based on referrals or sales made through them. Therefore, the best way to increase one’s capacity to earn more money is to choose high converting affiliate products. Choosing products that are hard to sell online would be like shooting yourself in the foot because it will be hard to get anyone to make a purchase. The good thing though with Rapid Mailer is that users can avoid going down this road. This app comes with the clickbank product sniper. What this tool does is that it generates top selling items on the clickbank marketplace at the click of a button. All the user has to do is enter the keywords of products they are interested in, and then the sniper tool goes ahead to generate a list of products, starting from the best sellers to those that not doing well in terms of sales. It is a cool feature that also saves time because one would not have to spend hours doing niche research.
Web Set Up
Launching a website is not an easy task for newbies. After registering your domain name, you still need to take a few more steps in order to set up the site on your server. Since this process is technical in a nature, those without skills can feel intimidated. Of course, every affiliate marketer has to set up a website and this step cannot be evaded. Some people opt to hire professional web developers to help them launch a new site, but this service does not come free. The good thing with Rapid Mailer is that it has made web set up an easy task, so much so that you can do it yourself. By simply entering your domain details in the application, it will set up your website with one click! The best part is that this app builds a site on WordPress, which is one of the most user-friendly content management systems.
Web design
After setting up your domain name, the next step to take care of is deciding on a website theme and layout. With Rapid Mailer, this is an easy thing to do. The application has appearance settings that help users to customize font size and colors as well as default text headers. WordPress also provides numerous themes to choose from, thus making the process of designing a website a walk in the park. Besides tweaking the interface, this application also offers some technical help. On the cash ad set up tab, you can automatically set up banner ads, which will be linked to your unique affiliate ID. This is very helpful to those that are worried about not having html skills.
Content Generation
Content is the centerpiece of any successful affiliate site. Whatever you put on your website will not only attract users, it will also determine your website’s visibility on search engine results. This is why many website owners spend time doing research and coming up with engaging content to post on their affiliate sites. But, what if you could spend less time to update your site with fresh content? That is what Rapid Mailer promises to offer thanks to its turbo content auto-generation tools. These tools source for relevant articles on the web, spin them and then post unique content on your site.
So, there you have it, those are the main areas of affiliate marketing that Rapid Mailer has simplified. Despite the help that this application offers, keep in mind that you still have to invest in other marketing strategies to increase traffic to your sites.

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4 Tips for Using Rapid Mailer Effectively

A lot has been said about Rapid Mailer. For those that decide to buy this affiliate marketing system, learning how to use it effectively seems to be the most important goal. This is a valid concern given that the application does not come free. With that in mind, it is only fair to make the most out of this program. Achieving this goal will no doubt give you an edge over other affiliate marketers. This is due to the many benefits that can be realized through this app. It promises to make affiliate marketing more efficient by simplifying some common tedious tasks. Users can launch affiliate sites with all the fixings in place by following a few simple steps, and all thanks to this application.
In summary, Rapid Mailer can set up clickbank marketing sites that have affiliate links, ads, and even content. As mentioned, the most appealing aspect about it is that tasks are automated. So, this means that users can save time. In fact, there will be no more long hours of research while trying to come up with content for your site, or attempting to learn how to design a website. All this can be attributed to the ease that Rapid Mailer provides to users. However, if you are to enjoy the convenience that this application offers as well as reap true success, then you have to know how to use it effectively. Here are 4 tips that will help you use this program to the fullest.
Go through the Training Videos
Any newbie should not overlook the importance of going through the training videos that Rapid Mailer comes with. It is the least that one can do, especially if the user has no experience or skills in online marketing. The videos try to bridge the gap between learning things in theory and putting what you have learned into practice. Of course, this is beneficial to anyone that chooses to use this application. The good thing with the video guides is that they take the user by hand and teach everything one-step at a time. This means that you will get to see how to launch your first clickbank site and what precise steps you need to take to accomplish this. Although Rapid Mailer comes with an easy to use interface, do not ignore the benefits of watching the video guides. Doing so might prolong how fast you get accustomed to the application, or even worse, increase the chances of not using the program as directed.
Read the System Requirements for Rapid Mailer
For those that are not aware about the Rapid Mailer app, it is worth mentioning that this is a PC based program. What this means is that it has to be installed on a computer. Like any other computer program, it comes with system requirements. So, before you decide to download the program and install it on your PC, get to know what system specs you must meet. You can learn more about this by visiting the FAQs page of the Rapid Mailer members’ website. Keep in mind that trying to install an application on a computer system that does not meet the minimum hardware and software specifications would be a waste of time. This is for the simple reason that the program will not work, or it will come to a halt while running.
Open Hostgator Account
When it comes to web hosting services, there are many providers these days. As a result, website owners have their own preferences when looking for hosting services. However, for those considering using Rapid Mailer it is important to note that this application is easier to use with sites that have Hostgator as the server. In case you decide to choose a different hosting service, keep in mind that you might have to upload your files manually when using Rapid Mailer to launch a new website. This can be time consuming, and not to mention challenging for those who have no experience with setting up websites on a server. To avoid this problem, make sure to register your domain name with Hostgator.
Check your articles for Plagiarism
Rapid Mailer users a content scraper and article spinner to get content from the web and publish it on your site. Although the application can evade copyright infringements since it sources for PLR content, it might publish plagiarized content on your site. Hence, as much as the turbo generation toolkit saves time, make sure to scan your articles for duplicate content.
Rapid Mailer has elicited a mix of reactions, with some people saying that the program does not work and others supporting it. If you want to be among those that achieve success with this application, make sure to use it well and keep the four tips shared here in mind.

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